Don't miss the collection of couture outfits created by duos of local chocolatiers and fashion designers!

The chocolate dresses will be presented  as a preview during the Gala Evening on November 10th (by invitation).

Visitors to the show from 11th to 13th November, you will discover them during the daily fashion show at 4:00pm and 5:00pm and at a dedicated exhibition throughout the show.


The duos of chocolatiers & designers of the 2016 Fashion Show:

IMT Grenoble - Pascal Bayle and his apprentices & Valérie Cossart

IMT Grenoble - Pascal Bayle and his apprentices & Marianne De Windt

Romain Boucaud Maitre pour les Chocolats Voisin & Angel Sewing

Joël Patouillard & Manon Bresson-Cancel

Florent Thevenon & Ludivine Guillot

Romaric Boilley pour Délices des Sens & FST Handwear

Boissier & Angélique Godey

Nicolas Pepin & 2’Phie en Vogue

Bruno Saladino & Angélique Godey

Willy Ferrier & Jawad Bensalem

Dragées Reynaud & Nicolas Fafiotte

Céline Boucher-Robert for les chocolats d'Abi et Lisa & Karine Triboulet


Special thanks to the partners of the 2016 Fashion Show:

Le Centre de Congrès

Peyrefitte Make-up

Franck Provost Coiffure