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The International Cocoa Awards

Every 2 years, this unique programme spearheaded by Bioversity International and Event International recognizes quality cocoas according to their origin, with the participation of some 50 producing countries, which can directly present the fruit of their work to chocolate makers and the press.

160 cocoa samples received – 50 cocoas selected and 50 chocolates made through the same process in order to judge the bean quality only!

As the only event in the world celebrating the work of planters and the richness of expression of cocoa, this initiative helps further mutual awareness and reinforce collaborations between producers and chocolate makers. This programme aims to reward farmers producing high-quality cocoa; facilitate linkages between producers of quality cocoa and manufacturers of specialty chocolate products; expose chocolate manufacturers and experienced consumers to the spectrum of flavors that exist in cocoa from different origins; and stimulate the capacity of producing countries to search for, evaluate and produce specialty cocoa.

The International Cocoa Awards ceremony will be held on Monday 30th October at 7:30 pm (by invitation only) in the presence of representatives and farmers from 50 countries.

Find the 50 selected cocoas at the ICA booth (ground floor)
More information can be found at: www.cocoaofexcellence.org